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Contingency Recruitment | David Thew and Company

As multi-disciplinary specialists in publishing, we have developed an extensive contact base of candidates and we make it our business to maintain and develop this, registering candidates both for specific roles and with a general interest in developing their careers.

We are therefore able to draw on a sizeable talent pool of candidates committed to career change and actively looking for their next role. Where a client chooses not to opt for executive search, we can therefore still offer a service which provides relevant and committed candidates keen to engage with the client and availale within the client’s timeframes.

We work closely with our candidates to understand their backgrounds, expertise and motivations, so we are well-placed to identify and position candidates for specific roles on an informed basis and to make accurate judgement calls in our selection process.

We only submit candidates who have confirmed thier interest and who we genuinely believe have the skills, experience and personal qualities required by the client.

All candidates are briefed in full before submission – we do not submit for the sake of volume and we will advise the client if we do not feel we have relevant candidates we can put forward.

We are happy to work on a contigency, success-only basis and happy to discuss flexible rates for exclusivity.

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