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Why do you want to move?

Why do you want to move? | David Thew and Company

This exercise is designed to provoke thought.

Give yourself time to reflect on any relevant issues here and see if any others come to light as you do so.

The idea is to identify areas for discussion with people able to influence your working life. We hope it can help you get the best possible value from any subsequent interview and really help you structure and prioritise your skills, experience and motivations for moving. You can print it off and complete it offline, use it as an aide memoire when applying for jobs or complete it online and send it to us ahead of an interview.

  • Try placing the following categories in order

Want to move on?

Contact : david@davidthew.com

Please let us know you are there. Send us a message and we will help you promote yourself. Unless circumstances preclude, we would like you to meet us so please include a telephone number where you can be reached during working hours as well as in the evening. If you prefer us not to contact you during working hours, please let us know.

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