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Targetting Talent

Targetting Talent | David Thew and Company
Our reputation is built on our ability to identify, engage with and motivate the best available talent, getting under the skin of the client’s requirement and harnessing professional and personal skills and motivations. With some 30 years’ experience in the online publishing market, David has a unique understanding of specific roles and where they fit in the client organisation. He aims to maintain a clear and transparent point of contact between client and candidate throughout the assignment to keep all parties on track, avoid slippage and keep preferred candidates motivated.

We keep in touch with our marketplace, through networking, social media, conferences and membership of key professional bodies and user groups, to ensure our information flow is constant, current and relevant.

We make it our business to keep abreast of industry events and people moves, to map outcomes and impacts and to recognise the implications for individuals and companies alike.

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