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Candidate Selection | David Thew and Company

Candidate screening and selection relies on a comprehensive and clear understanding of the client’s requirements, what is essential in the role, what are the ‘nice to haves’ and where there is scope for flexibility and compromise. It is not a numbers game – we recognise different candidates will bring different balances to the role, and we also recognise the recruitment process is never an exact science.

We screen all candidates against the key criteria in the role, but we also look at their personal motivations, cultural fit and career development plans to gauge how well they will fit into the client’s corporate culture and what the client can expect from the candidate in terms of application, engagement and commitment.

We aim to interview all candidates, face-to-face wherever possible, and we provide comprehensive profiles to accompany every cv submission. We don’t apply limits to candidate submissions, unless requested by the client – we prefer to submit all relevant candidates who have confirmed their interest, and we commit to continuing to screen and submit relevant candidates throughout the recruitment process to ensure the client has the best pick of the available talent.

We work closely with the client to assess each candidate submission and to communicate constructive feedback to unsuccessful candidates.

We only submit candidates who have been fully briefed on the role, who have confirmed their interest and who have agreed to have their details put forward. We never submit a candidate’s details without their knowledge and express permission.

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