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Assignment Management | David Thew and Company

We will always aim to achieve the best possible balance between timely delivery at each project stage and allowing for anticipated delays and obstacles.

We do not make unrealistic promises or commit to schedules which we may then have to move, but we agree achievable timsecales for delivery of specific stages of the assignment with the client at the outset and we report on assignment progress regularly.

Any cv submitted by us will be accompanied by a full profile drawn from an in-depth interview with the candidate, and will be submitted only with the candidate’s permission. All cvs are originals – we do not amend or format cvs to an in-house style.

We pass on to the client all market intelligence gleaned during the selection process, particularly where this information may have an impact on the shape of the role or the package on offer. We also test and re-test the salary expectations of the candidates throughout the recruitment process and ensure any changes are communicated to the client. We also aim to ensure the client is aware of other processes each candidate may be involved in so they can gauge motivation and react swiftly where a preferred candidate is considering other options.

We are expert negotiators and brokers at offer stage, skilled in managing counter-offers and advising clients on restructuring or representing offers to ensure acceptance. We also recognise the importance of maintaining contact with client and candidate alike during any subsequent notice period.

Once the candidate is in place, we will maintain a discrete distance, and we do not reapproach any candidate we have placed in a role unless they choose to contact us.

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