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How we work | David Thew and Company
We believe in establishing and building strong relationships with our clients and candidates, and our methodology reflects this. We recognise that recruitment is a complex process requring sensitivity, perserverance and a strong affinity with changing plans and priorities. Hiring decisions are rarely taken rapidly or in a vacuum, but instead rely on a clear and comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s profile, skills, track record, motivation and aspirations developed over time.

We therefore do not rely solely on headhunting. We do headhunt, targeting the most relevant and highest quality candidates based on a detailed assessment of the client’s requirements, but we also encourage candidates to register with us so we can help them plan their next move and provide support throughout the process.

In a specialist market, we recognise the importance of keeping in touch with best available talent, helping candidates recognise and promote their skills. We believe this is the most effective and efficient way to match a client’s requirements with the best talent available.

We are proactive in identifying and targeting individuals, drawing on a network which is global, multi-disciplinary and extensive. We are also proactive in our communication with clients and candidates throughout the process, ensuring maximum clarity at every stage and providing crucial market intelligence to clients direct from the candidates we approach. We recognise recruitment is a dynamic process and we aim to provide advice and consultancy throughout each assignment to ensure the closest match between client requirements and market expectations.

In an increasingly virtual world, we are entirely flexible in how we interview candidates, including telephone and web, but our aim is to interview candidates face to face wherever possible. To that end, we are happy to travel to any location worldwide to interview candidates in person.

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